What are Parked Domain Names?

The terms parked domain names and parked domain aren’t very new to most online business owners. When you register a domain name with intentions to use it for other business instead of email and website services, you are already domain parking! In order to understand parked domain names, and the benefits they provide to us, it is better to analyze and properly understand domain name in general.

A domain name is simply the address of any website and is very important to people who intend to set up websites. You cannot be seen online if your website is not registered under a given domain name. After understanding the concept behind a domain name, the next thing is to explore the term parked domain name. When you purchase your domain name, which is normally paid for daily, weekly monthly, quarterly or yearly, it means that you have just started a new site. In most cases, people acquire domain names before designing the website and in such cases; they will not have an opportunity to direct the domain name as needed.

For this reason, the solution is to park the domain name on a dummy page, whereby when visitors type your address, they will be able to be directed to the parked page. It should be realized that adverts on parked domain names may garner you money or not depending on the placer of the ads.

For instance, ads placed by the registrar, parking your domain name, will not benefit you, however, if you took the liberty of placing the ads there, you could benefit from them.

The idea behind a parked domain name in addition to those individuals without already designed websites to point the domain is also associated with those buying many domain names. The purchase of many domain names helps you take charge of any domain them that could closely be associated with your business name. Parked domain names can be temporarily used to safeguard domain names until you have a website ready to run on them or sell them to interested users in the future.

Although it is obvious that you would want to use your registrars parking services, sometimes parking domain names for an extended period of time can interfere with the reputation that should be linked to your page especially if the registrar regularly uses the dummy page to advertise his company and place other ads beneficial to him. For this reason, you need to look for reputable registrars who would offer you with an exemplary web traffic service such as http://www.floridawebtraffic.com.

The company prides itself with this service by using powerful programs, which will let you avoid the hassle and bustles faced up by other providers. With http://www.floridawebtraffic.com, the need to use excessive keywords and other search engine optimization techniques to have your page work as the landing page would not be necessary since parked domain names in this site extend beyond such difficulties. The visitors that will be directed to your site will not only be interested in exploration, but also purchase!